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New Bathrooms at The Buckland

Actually, not just bathrooms, we call them ‘wellbeing’ rooms.

Back in Germany, where we come from originally, they would be called ‘wellness’ rooms. Odd sounding to the English language speaker, we admit, but the word ‘wellness’ as widely used in Europe, describes a holistic concept of living healthy and therefore feeling well.

Breathing pure Alpine air, bathing in clean water and enjoying time out in total relaxation has always been seen as contributing to ‘wellness’.

In Germany, the concept of “wellness retreats” is going back to the 19th century. A place and also a mindset to travel to where you can re-discover your inner balance, and relax and refuel.

We like to provide our guests with this place. The place where they can relax and unwind, breath the pristine mountain air, enjoy a long soak in a deep, free standing bath filled with purest rain water and feel connected to the natural environment again. In short: we like our guests to experience feeling well!

Thus the name ‘wellbeing’ room – a slightly different take on just a bathroom.

Studios One and Two currently feature ‘wellbeing’ rooms.

Don’t forget your rubber duckie.