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Have you enjoyed a meal at Simone’s Restaurant in Bright?

And maybe you even toyed with the idea of re-creating a few of her Umbrian signature dishes? Now you can.

In fact you can do one of two things or do them both:

Buy Patrizia Simone’s newly released cook book “My Umbrian Kitchen” and/or book yourself in one of her cooking classes in her brand new purpose built cooking school in Bright.

We have bought the book and like it very much. It is so much more than just a collection of recipes: it takes you through the seasons, offering insights into seasonally available produce and often paints a mental picture of the ingredients and their local producers.

There is always a little story or comment from Patrizia accompanying the recipes like this one preluding the milk bread roll recipe : “In Bright my spring picnic basket will include a selection from the Milawa Cheese factory, something crunchy, such a locally grown walnuts and hazelnuts and, if possible tender salad leaves and herbs.. Bread is the linchpin of the picnic, however….”

Local producers are celebrated and mentioned often: “Umbria is an inland region, so we eat a lot of freshwater fish. Because we’re also so far from the sea in Bright, trout has been a mainstay of our menu from the very beginning…. we rely on the Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm in Harrietville for our supply” leads us into the recipe of Mimosa Salad with pine-smoked trout in the spring section of the recipes.

Patrizia’s newly opened cooking school offers a variety of classes from “Making fresh pastas with basic sauces”, to “A hands on discovery of dishes from My Umbrian Kitchen”.

I’ve been to one of Patrizias’ cooking classes and not only did I learn how to make pasta, I had so much fun it was sometimes hard to concentrate with all the laughter.

For more information: www.simonesbright.com.au