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Call of the Wild – Winter at The Buckland

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  • Lady Bath Falls
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  • Lady Bath Falls

The air is sharp. Crisp and cool it feels impossibly clean as it flows across your cheeks. Fine water vapour dancing through it, there is good reason in choosing moderate alpine attire: warm jacket, gloves and perhaps a hood. In the distance the roar of a mammoth cascading waterfall is becoming more prominent. The forest floor is damp, and underfoot, scents of alpine peppermint (eucalypt) leaves and mushrooms are ‘kicked-up’ or released as you climb the hand-cut granite path towards a towering, monolithic rock face.

No you’re not trekking in the French Alps, this is the very powerful yet easy-to-handle low-grade 1.5km (45min return) Eurobin Falls Track within Victoria’s Mt Buffalo National Park. Easy to access as it’s ‘off-mountain’ this forested exploration track guides visitors toward the pretty Lady Bath Falls and the Lower Eurobin Falls. A Steeper track continues climbing toward a viewing platform that over looks the Upper Eurobin Falls: a 50 metre granite slab that’s drenched in thousands of litres per minute of water flow. Towering above, the mountain’s peaks hide in wispy clouds. The sound of the water fall is intense, the experience is bucket list brilliance. 

At The Buckland winter is the season we’re most excited about – the upper peaks come alive, ski and x-country trails groomed nightly, and down in the valleys celebrations of food, wine and outdoor experiences to rival the Northern hemisphere’s best continue to attract hordes of adventure seekers.

While The Buckland’s 5 architect designed, very private studios feature plush beds, wood fire heaters, pod espresso and coffee machines, a choice of wellness rooms, couple’s twin showers and a range of other sophisticated amenities, it’s the call of the wild – of both a romantic and hunter-gatherer (human evolutionary) notion that we’re famous for. Let’s just say that we do encourage life-changing emotive experiences; and during winter, there’s no better place to feel absolutely human than within our carefully curated comfortable interior and exterior surroundings.

Situated at the base of Australia’s most picqurest mountain plateau in the Buckland Valley, guest’s window and deck views from The Buckland overlook snow-capped peaks and valley floor vineyards and orchards, vast in scale. Like a scene out of a European mountain country tourist brochure, getting to The Buckland does require driving through one of Australia’s best food and wine country (via The Great Alpine Road); with premium farm-grown bounty on offer at every corner.

While settling in at The Buckland, snug and warm with your partner or bestie might induce the ultimate in relaxation, ‘escape-factor’ brilliance or some rewarding romantic play; those ready to venture into the great outdoors can also do so with ease.

The Eurobin Falls Track and picnic area is just a few kilometres inside The Mt Buffalo National Park entry, a short 15 minute drive from The Buckland. There is ample parking, however the track is not wheelchair friendly. With this, we invite you to experience winter in the High Country for yourself the Buckland style.

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