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Lady Bath Falls rocky stream

Call of the Wild – Winter at The Buckland

The air is sharp. Crisp and cool it feels impossibly clean as it flows across your cheeks. Fine water vapour dancing through it, there is good reason in choosing moderate ...
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Australian Alpine Honey is Safe to Eat! Breakfast at The Buckland

Australia produces some of the cleanest honey in the world, with some of the best examples produced by bees thriving on a range of eucalypt trees that colour our pristine native forests. So you can imagine our surprise when on January 2 Melbourne’s The Age newspaper ran a front page story: “Australian honey: how much is safe to eat?”
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Ringer Reef Wines’ Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

It’s a boutique winery that in our humble opinion offers some of the finest cool climate wines and best Alpine Valley views possible; all within an easy ten minutes drive from The Buckland.
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Dining at Ginger Baker

Relaxed Dining at Bright’s Ginger Baker

It's possibly the best café/bar table in Bright, combining river and parkland views, ample shade and a relaxed food, wine and boutique ales dining experience that’s not too fussy, yet delivers on quality.
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Mt Buffalo Accommodation

Mt Buffalo Accommodation The Buckland - Exquisite Mt Buffalo Accommodation The Buckland is the epitome of luxury Mt. Buffalo accommodation.  A place to leave your daily life behind and be ...
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30,000 Images Taken Over 4 days = The Essence of The Buckland

The Buckland Luxury Retreat | Gary Annett Photography from Gary Annett on Vimeo. This beautiful time-lapse video featuring The Buckland is the work of Gary Annett, a Melbourne-based photographer who ...
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New Bathrooms at The Buckland

Actually, not just bathrooms, we call them ‘wellbeing’ rooms. Back in Germany, where we come from originally, they would be called ‘wellness’ rooms. Odd sounding to the English language speaker, …

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From Heavenly to Hellish

Cycling Around the Great Alpine Valleys and Hills According to some guests who arrived on their push bikes to stay at The Buckland or brought their bikes to go cycling ...
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Make it. Bake it. Grow it.

Bright reinvents the definition of a country market. A small group of enthusiastic volunteers created a market concept around the philosophy of “make it, bake it, grow it” (locally). It’s ...
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Have you enjoyed a meal at Simone’s Restaurant in Bright?

And maybe you even toyed with the idea of re-creating a few of her Umbrian signature dishes? Now you can. In fact you can do one of two things or …

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Welcoming guests from June 1st 2020!

We are very excited to be welcoming guests back to our beautiful region from June 1st, 2020. We are disappointed we were not able to share autumn with you!

Although, Winter brings its own elements of beauty!  Mt Buffalo is open again for outdoor adventure. I'm sure local cafes/restaurants will also be grateful for your custom.


During our progression back to welcoming guests, we have made a few subtle changes to our regular services.

The main change being that we won't be opening our breakfast lounge until further notice.


However, we are pleased to be offering guests breakfast hampers to enjoy for the duration of your stay here with us.

These will consist of tea/coffee pods/juice

-Buckland Valley eggs, bacon, tomatoes, local sourdough, avocado and homemade baked beans.

-As well as milk/butter and a variety of spreads

-Baked Goods of either croissants/muffins.

-Cereal/homemade muesli and seasonal fresh fruit.


As CO-VID restrictions ease, we hope to be able to resume our regular breakfast service in the foreseeable future. We will keep you updated.

Please rest assured we are doing everything we can to follow government guidelines; your comfort and safety is of utmost importance to us.

The Buckland is the perfect place to escape Lockdown!