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30,000 Images Taken Over 4 days = The Essence of The Buckland

The Buckland Luxury Retreat | Gary Annett Photography from Gary Annett on Vimeo.

This beautiful time-lapse video featuring The Buckland is the work of Gary Annett, a Melbourne-based photographer who Capture Magazine named “Australia’s Top Emerging Architectural Photographer”.

Gary also happens to be one of our wonderful customers. After he stayed with us a couple of times in 2010, he recently proposed this time-lapse project for The Buckland. Of course we jumped at the chance of having 30,000 images taken over 4 days and then compressed into a short video. We thought capturing 4 days of changing light, weather creating different moods, star speckled nights and various angles and vistas may finally give us a way to convey just how beautiful the Buckland Valley is as a place to live, and to visit.

And that’s exactly what came out of the project. We think Gary’s 2 minutes and 41 seconds of compressed images have captured the essence of The Buckland perfectly. Have a look yourself. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.