Make it. Bake it. Grow it.

Bright reinvents the definition of a country market. A small group of enthusiastic volunteers created a market concept around the philosophy of “make it, bake it, grow it” (locally). It’s been going for a while now and every body, locals …


30,000 images taken over 4 days = the essence of The Buckland

The Buckland Luxury Retreat | Gary Annett Photography from Gary Annett on Vimeo.

This beautiful time-lapse video featuring The Buckland is the work of Gary Annett, a Melbourne-based photographer who Capture Magazine named “Australia’s Top Emerging Architectural Photographer”.

Gary also happens to be one of our wonderful customers. After he stayed with us a couple of times in 2010, he recently proposed this time-lapse project for The Buckland. Of course we jumped at the chance of having 30,000 images taken over 4 days and then compressed into a short video. We thought capturing 4 days of changing light, weather creating different moods, star speckled nights and various angles and vistas may finally give us a way to convey just how beautiful the Buckland Valley is as a place to live, and to visit.

And that’s exactly what came out of the project. We think Gary’s 2 minutes and 41 seconds of compressed images have captured the essence of The Buckland perfectly. Have a look yourself. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.



New Bathrooms at The Buckland

Actually, not just bathrooms, we call them ‘wellbeing’ rooms. Back in Germany, where we come from originally, they would be called ‘wellness’ rooms. Odd sounding to the English language speaker, we admit, but the word ‘wellness’ as widely used in …


From heavenly to hellish

Cycling around the Great Alpine Valleys and hills According to some guests who arrived on their push bikes to stay at The Buckland or brought their bikes to go cycling during their stay, our beautiful valleys and hills are regarded …